We are made in the Image of God

We are designed in the image of God
Many believe our perception tells it all
We have been programmed to believe
The world of the senses from the beginning
What if all of what we see really isn't as it seems
What if the reflection of our projection of the eye of the beholder
Was truly projecting a make-believe world.
Perhaps, the world we know is really a dream
The reality could very well be inside our dream
We Must learn to become as one
Our perception lies, and the spirit world
Or the assembly of the above really controls it all
During the pandemic times I started researching myself
my inner self
I found a magical star on my birthchart around Christmas of 2020
Not only did I find a beautiful star, but I also found a cross
So while Jesus died on a cross, a star and a cross were marking the sky at 8:30am,
an hour and a half before I was born at exactly 10:00 am
My birth date falls on 221 during the regular years and 222 on the leap years
There are exactly 144 days left after my birthdate
My birth name was Timothy Scott O'Coners Jr.
My father and I both were born exactly 20 years apart
Each of us born on August 9 -- My Dad 8/9/54 and Me 8/9/74
The numerology calculates the number 38 for my birthdate
Perhaps meaning God knew my future entanglement with Enoch 38
And now I truly believe that each of the prospects of the light,
Sons of God (counting 74 sons of God inside the chapter of Luke)!
Now do you believe we are TRULY DESIGNED In the image of God????
This must be an initiation!
Do you believe!
We are born just like Jesus, the entire image! Is the image the whole world?
The biblical prophesies repeat

Job 38 verse 7 shows how God asked Job if he knew
when the morningstars last sang together

In my story 'Discrimination of the Law-Abiding Criminal,' I cover
my life story. As many would believe everything is as it seems
I will beg to differ. I think inside every level of communities,
institutions, schools, government, business there is a synagogue
of Satan that controls people, literally controls those who
have not overcame the pleasures of this Earth and found
there true inner self and God plan. But, my books
will tell you the secrets of beating the system of Satan
It infiltrates every level of our society.
Evils can include misdeeds not mentioned inside the 10 commandments
I have had my scuffles and skirmishes with the system
This is a world of duality so there are good members
in equal portions inside each of these said institutions,
governments, and societies
Our method of defeating Satan could involve using the same
tactics as Satan: deceiving, acting in sorrow, anger, hatred,
and more. We must stand together as one inside this great
enlightenment in order to sabotage Satan.
Just watch out and defy evil
Resist and Refuse to enable evil.

My book One With God regards my own great
awakening. It all began in a box truck
I was homeless, and I had no where to go
So I decided to live inside my A1 Moving box truck
The strategy worked for the entire winter of 2019-2020
It was just as the pandemic was hitting.
Now we are warring over vaccine mandates
The strange part is that I've noticed the environment
seems to portray a duality in nature
Check my books out they are great!!!!!
I guarantee some goosebumps