Welcome Light Worker!
I'm Timothy Nagel, master philosopher, Son of God,
Elected by God, faced the great Lord of Spirits and lived to tell
I've worked on my own personal birth chart
and I've studied my own self since slightly before the pandemic began
I was born on a cross; as I died on a cross in a past life
My birth chart signifies a star of david, the great seed
Inside my philosophy, our lives recur
We live our lives, initially, not knowing God's plan
Since the pandemic began, I've written two books
They are self-published books, published on
and I've completed a large amount of self-study
my studies span over summaries of various religions and philosophies
in my research I've found that the whole of all of the wisdom
is contained within an all-encompassing approach which
looks at the philosophies of the Hermetic (Works of Hermes Trismigistus),
the Holy Bible, some other references including The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,
Hermetica, and many other sources including some inspiration out of
movies including Terminator, Wizard of Oz and more.
Of course, in many cases many great stories I believe
were inspired while the artist was 'in the Holy Spirit.
my story is a very compelling and interesting one
My first book, One with God, covers my 'spiritual awakening.'
Inside this book I'll step you through the steps to enlightenment
I'm expressing secrets that I"ve obtained while I was 'in the Holy Spirit'
I truly have realized that the traditional steps of christianity
are the initial steps of spirituality. First you must learn
God's history. Next you can obtain the higher wisdom
I will show you the higher wisdom, but one must know
You must invest time into this venture for understanding to come
First we recommend 'One With God' which covers how to awaken
to the spiritual realm
Check out my new books: One With God & Discrimination of the Law-Abiding Criminal
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